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Cash Loans Terms & Conditions

You certify that you own this merchandise and have the right to pawn it.

Loan amortization: 12 months maximum.

Interest rates and fees*:

1st month: 8% interest and $5.00 administration fee

2nd-12th month: 3% charged on the principal only

$5.00 letter fee: should your loan reach its maximum amortization, we are required by law to give you notice of impending due date. We will send a reminder notice 14 days prior to due date and charge is applied immediately.

Age of Majority: You must be 18 years of age to pledge, renew or redeem with H Williams Jewellery.

Renewal option: You may renew your pledged item(s) at anytime between 1st-12th month. This is an especially attractive option should you reach the end of your term and you cannot pay the pledges principal plus accrued interest. H Williams will allow for you to pay the interest and fee’s portion only, thus renewing your pledge for an additional 12 month open term.

Pledged items principal: $200
12 months Interest and fees: $98

Client pays $98 and renews the pledge, retaining ownership of the pledged items. You may renew your pledge for an unlimited amount of terms. All renewals are subject to original interest rates and fee’s as stated above*

Transfer of pledge tickets: Physical tickets ARE transferable, e-tickets are NON-transferable.

If you have renewed your pledge online and have received our e-ticket, in order to redeem this pledge you must provide one piece of government- issued, photo identification.

Repairs to pledged items: Any and all repairs must be paid in full at the time of renewal or redemption. All repairs on pledges are subject to HST.

Consent: You give RH Travis, o/a H Williams Jewellery consent to send via email, request for money email transfers.