Custom Jewellery Design

S. Kashi New York is the leading designer of bridal and fashion jewellery.  If you’re searching for the perfect ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant, there are hundreds of jewellery items to choose from.

Beginning your pursuit of the perfect piece is easy, with our custom jewellery design services.

Simply highlight your selections below.  The S. Kashi New York search engine will look through our vast inventory and make educated recommendations.

You can then create your Jewellery Wish List and send it through to Dan at H. Williams Jewellery. He’ll contact you to make arrangements for you to come in and see the items. Or simply put your order through if you’re already happy with the results.

Jewellery items will then be available for pick-up at our 1000 Upper James Street location within two weeks – sometimes earlier!

Remember, if you’re having any problems with your search you can always contact H. Williams Jewellery and our experts will gladly walk you through the process!

S. Kashi New York